About Me

I started developing my creative mind at a very young age.

I still remember sitting in my room with my little brother for hours on end playing with Legos. We would create space ships, castles, boats, or whatever the latest movie we’d seen inspired us to build. We would build up something epic and then destroy it in a huge battle (My creations against my brother’s creations) then start again the next day.

When I wasn’t using Legos to tell stories, I was doodling. I would always bring a fist full of blank paper to church and sit on the floor drawing during the sermons. This carried over to later years when I would bring my sketchbook nearly everywhere I went to keep myself busy with doodling.

This odd desire to constantly be creative drove me to attend the Art Institute of Portland where I studied to be a Graphic Designer. My time there was invaluable to learn the tools of the trade, including the Adobe Suite as well as the marketing and business aspects that work hand in hand with the creative aspects. This prepared me well for my early experiences in the industry.

I was fortunate enough to score some really great freelance work for a fantastic photography software company, OnOne. During my short time working there, I gained invaluable insight into how the ‘real world’ functions and how a graphic designer can fit into the big picture. Unfortunately, they could not afford to hire on a full time graphic designer, so my time there was brief.

We first hired Andrew as a freelance designer to help us create web graphics for our site. At all times, Andrew was professional and completed all projects on time and to our specs. If we had a need in the future for a designer, I would not hesitate to contact Andrew.

-Mike Wong, OnOne Software

Shortly after I found a job with a small company called Innovative Product Development, Inc. They had just started a new section of their company, Southpaw Sign & Design and hired me on to help with the design side of the business. We worked with several small businesses to develop an identity and a presence in their local community. I got to see first hand the effect that my branding work had on a business, and it astonished me how many business owners don’t understand just how valuable a solid identity can be to them. While working at IPD I took on many responsibilities from managing multiple businesses social media marketing, creating helpful book resources for clients, to creating dimensional signs for store fronts. My experience at IPD has taught me just how far my skill set can reach and how to bring the best I can offer to the table all the time.

I look forward to the opportunities the future holds for my design career. If you think I could be an asset to you in any way don’t hesitate to drop me an email by clicking the button below.

Email Andrew Richardson: ajrgraphicdesign (AT) gmail.com